PHCF- Integrated Barrier Net/Air Bubble Curtain System Installation & Operation

In 2020, the Port Hope conversion facility (PHCF) had experienced a significant buildup of algae and other debris on facility harbour water intake infrastructure positioned at the west wall of the Port Hope harbour approach channel. To help mitigate the fouling issues, the PHCF is planning the installation and operation of a floating barrier net and air bubble curtain system in the vicinity of the PHCF harbour water intake structure and adjacent Canadian Nuclear Laboratories wave attenuator installation.

The barrier system installation will be completed during the designated in-water works window of July 16 - September 14 and the system operations will be temporary in nature, with an estimated installation period of up to 24 months. The installation is expected remain in place/operation over the entirety of the calendar year. All materials will be removed from the harbour once operation of the works is concluded under a separate activity.

There will be no impact to the public. The work will not interfere with navigation within the Port Hope harbour, as navigation into the harbour is prevented due to the adjacent CNL wave attenuator installation. Navigation into the harbour will not resume during the installation or operation of the barrier system. Further, the barrier system placement will preclude interactions with vessels that may transit to the area.  If vessels enter into the area, water approach velocities and air bubble curtain currents will not impede or impact traffic.

A submission has been added to the on-line Common Project Search Registry ( pursuant to the Canadian Navigable Waters Act. Reference is made to registry number 3956.

For more information please contact:

Sara Forsey
Manager, Public & Government Affairs