Vision in Motion

The Vision in Motion project addresses legacy waste at the Port Hope Conversion Facility from historic operations. This is a large, long-term investment at the site and Cameco is working with the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) to manage the historic low-level waste.

A key to the success of this project is collaboration and teamwork with the PHAI, and the Municipality of Port Hope. We continue to build on our strong relationships and are working effectively to achieve our shared goal of safely managing legacy waste.

It is essential we are all aligned as major work cannot begin at the conversion facility until the long-term waste management facility (under construction) is ready to accept material, expected in early 2018.

The project includes:

  • removal of up to 150,000 cubic metres of inherited waste materials, including some soil excavation
  • removal of some of the site's surplus buildings;
  • construction and refurbishment of buildings to improve the look and efficiency of the site
  • installation of flood protection barriers that will also provide radiation, noise and visual shielding along the eastern fence-line
  • improvements to storm water management infrastructure
  • fence line shifts away from the harbour along the inner harbour and at the south end of the facility.

Current Work

In the summer of 2017, we plan to prepare drummed materials currently stored at centre pier. The drums need to meet acceptance criteria for the waste management facility and will be safely transported to our conversion facility for repackaging. Repackaged drums will then be transferred to the waste management facility when it opens.

Also this summer, the tower of Building 27 will be prepared for equipment removal and demolition. The work includes removing hazards and providing temporary ventilation and electrical systems to support future activities.

Environmental Assessment

The environmental review process for Vision in Motion began in June 2006 and consisted of a number of technical and environmental assessment submissions to regulators.

The project’s environmental assessment was accepted by the​ federal Minister of the Environment in December 2012 followed in February 2013, with CNSC issuance of a​ Course of Action Decision Statement confirming their acceptance.


If you have a question or concern regarding our Vision in Motion project, please contact us.