Frequently Asked Questions


Can I apply without an email address?

All applicants must have a valid email address in order to create a candidate profile and be contacted for employment opportunities. This email address must be unique and cannot be registered in our system under another person.

Can I apply by faxing, mailing, emailing or dropping off a resume to an employee?

All applications must be submitted online through the proper channels. Resumes submitted in any other format cannot be added to our database and will not be considered for vacancies. It is very important that you apply online yourself.

I would like to apply for a contractor position at Cameco's northern locations. How can I do this?

Cameco's northern mine sites also rely on the services of a wide variety of northern businesses to operate. Mining and exploration contractors, catering, housekeeping and a wide variety of other positions are available through many of our northern partners. Job seekers are encouraged to visit the Northern Saskatchewan Business Directory to locate northern businesses.

I tried applying to a job and it says I have already applied to that job. How is this possible?

It is possible that the position has been posted before and your application was received for that posting. To view the jobs you have applied to log into your account and click "View status on your applied jobs" under the Job Management title.

I was applying online and had to navigate away from the page losing my spot. How do I complete my application?

You can log back into your account using your email address and password created. Click on "Job Management" to see if the application was successful. If it was not go back to the job and try applying again.

How do I submit a cover letter?

Cover letters can be submitted during the application to any specific position. When you apply for a job you will be provided with a cover letter attachment option. If you already have one on file you can choose to keep that document or replace it with a new version.

I was referred by a Cameco employee. Should I mention that in my application?

Yes. When applying, you will be asked if you were referred by an employee. Enter the name of the employee in the text box to identify their referral. Many of Cameco's positions are eligible for our employee referral program. If you let the employee know you are applying they may also complete an employee referral form to make a formal referral.

How do I know that you received my application?

You should receive an email notification shortly after applying for a position with the title and job ID of the competition in which you applied. You can also check your application history in the "Job Management" section of your candidate account.

Can I send in an application without applying to a specific job?

You can register on our system without attaching your application to a specific job by clicking sign-in and creating a new account. You will not be asked for a resume at this time but can attach one in the additional documents section. If you apply for a specific job in the future you will be asked for your resume again. Please keep in mind that we will not know what your interests are without you providing that information in your application or by applying to specific jobs. The most reliable way to be considered for a job is to apply directly to the posting. General applications may not receive a response.

Do you accept applications in languages other than English?

Not at this time. Currently an English resume would be required to apply to our open positions.

How can I update my resume, address, contact information, email address, etc.?

Log into our system using your email address and password. Go to the "My Profile" section and click "Update your profile." Update any fields that are out of date and the changes will be available to Cameco HR.


I have applied for a job. Will I be contacted even if I am not successful?

Typically, an HR representative will contact the short-listed candidates within two to three weeks of their application. Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications that we receive and the work schedules at many of our locations, we cannot provide personal updates regarding the status of every application as quickly as we would like. We will make our best effort to respond to every position applicant during the recruitment process by email. You may also check your application status yourself by viewing your jobs applied by signing into your account and going to the job management section.

What steps does Cameco follow in the hiring process?

Positions are typically posted on our website for two weeks. Once a posting closes it can take up to three weeks for candidates to be short-listed and contacted for interviews. First round interviews tend to be done over the phone and are short in length. Second round interviews are held within a week or two from the first round and are usually done face to face or on site. These interviews are longer and follow the behavioural interviewing style. Final steps may include reference checks, background checks and/or assessments. These steps may take a week or two to complete.

I have been unsuccessful in my applications in the past. Is there a way I can improve my chances?

Ensure your resume is complete, up to date and easy to read. Extravagant formats and fonts can make resumes difficult to read. It is also important you read the postings carefully and try to use similar terminology to compare your experience to the requirements on the posting. Please understand that we are looking for a candidate that is the best overall fit to the needs of the position and the company and though you may not be a fit for one role does not mean you are not a fit for another.

What can I expect in an interview?

Most interviews are conducted with an HR representative and a hiring manager from the business unit looking to fill the role. Cameco uses a behavioural interview format when asking questions of candidates. These questions require specific examples of past situations to be described along with steps taken by the candidate during the situation and the ultimate result. Examples of behavioural interview questions can be found on a number of websites.

Will my expenses be covered for my interview?

Reasonable interview expenses will be covered by Cameco if you are required to travel for your interview. These will be explained to you by a Cameco representative when the interview is scheduled. Expense amounts are consistent with the corporate travel policy.

Does Cameco provide relocation assistance?

Relocation assistance may be provided for most regular full-time positions. Further information will be given during the interview process.


How can I be updated about future opportunities?

There is a feature on our website called "Job Alert." Log in using your email address and password. Under the Job Management title click "Create a job alert!" Here you can manage your current alerts and create new ones. Click "Create New Job Alert." Name the search and decide how often you would like to be informed. Use the keyword and drop down boxes to refine your search criteria to only those jobs that interest you. Emails will be sent to you when jobs are posted that match your criteria. You may need to check your junk mail if you are not receiving the notices.

How do I stop the job alert emails?

Log into your account using your email and password. Go to "Saved Searches/Alerts" under the Job Management section. Delete any saved searches to stop any further emails.


I can't find my profile on the system but I know I created one. How can I access it?

Click forgot password and enter your email address. If you have an account on the system a link will be sent to your email to access that account. If you do not have an account you will be notified that no account exists under that email. Candidate profiles updated prior to January 1, 2012 or those missing resumes and/or cover letters have been removed from our new system. You would be required to create a new account to be considered for opportunities.


How do I get past the create password stage when it won't let me click "create account?"

You must first read and approve the privacy notification in order to create the account. Click the link to access the agreement. You will only be asked to do this the first time you log in.

I am having technical issues with my application. How can I get help?

First ensure your pop-up blocker on your web browser is not turned on. This can often prevent the system from working properly. If you continue to experience technical difficulties with your application click here to report the problem.


Does Cameco support a diverse workforce?

Yes. We welcome applications from members of all equity groups. At Cameco we value the contributions of all employees, and are committed to employment equity and diversity. We understand the true value of a diverse workforce and we embrace, encourage and support workforce diversity. You are welcome to self-identify as a member of an equity group in the diversity section of your application.

As a person with a disability, I require accommodation in order to perform an interview or my work. Can I be considered for the position?

Yes. Please let the human resources representative know of any required reasonable accommodations in order to complete an interview at the time the interview is scheduled. Should you be the successful candidate we will work together and aim to create a welcoming, inclusive, barrier free work environment to allow you to perform your job at an optimal level. We will do our best to make the process as smooth as possible.


I heard about an opening at one of your locations but cannot find the posting on your website? How can I apply?

Not every position is posted externally. Positions within our collective bargaining units are first made available to those within the bargaining unit. If the position is unable to be filled within the bargaining unit it may be posted externally.


I am a representative from a search firm and would like to do business with Cameco. How would I accomplish this?

Cameco has a select number of search firms that we utilize. The firms were added through both a series of reference checks and external public sourcing. We build relationships with our vendors to ensure they understand our business and our strategic direction. Cameco is not currently looking to expand this vendor list.

I am a representative from a search firm and would like to put forward a candidate(s) for a current opening. How would I accomplish this?

We do not accept unsolicited candidates.

I am an approved vendor and would like to submit a candidate for consideration. How do I do this?

You will have been provided with login account details to access the Cameco's agency portal. If you are assigned to a competition you will see that posting available to you and can submit your candidates as required. Please refer to your recruiter if you have any difficulties.