Cameco Fuel Manufacturing Safety

The strong safety culture in all of Cameco's facilities continue to deliver sound results.

Cameco's highest priorities are the health and safety of people and the protection of the environment wherever we operate.

Our fuel manufacturing facilities have systematic programs to identify, document and address risks and engage all workers and managers in development of a strong safety culture. These programs meet the specifications of the OHSAS 18001, an international occupational health and safety system, and have delivered excellent safety performance.

The manufacturing facility is also registered under the ISO 14001 program, an internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems. This framework assists us in reaching our environmental protection goals, and allows us to demonstrate our commitment to sound environmental performance. The standard calls for annual independent audits and re-certification every three years.

Security and emergency response measures

Beginning with the physical design of facilities, to training and equipping expert personnel, Cameco works to ensure the security and safety of our people and the local communities of Port Hope and Cobourg.

We have an onsite emergency response team with members trained, equipped and always ready to ensure that Cameco can respond to any potential situation involving fire or hazardous materials. Our team works closely with municipal emergency responders and conduct joint drills to ensure any situation can be effectively and safely resolved.

Many of Cameco's team members also serve as volunteer firefighters helping to keep the local community safe.

Radiation protection

Radiation protection is considered in physical facility designs, as well as operating procedures, at our fuel manufacturing facilities. Our program also provides for systematic monitoring of radiation in work areas and tracking the exposures of individual workers using a combination of monitoring devices and health testing. Consistently, radiation exposure for our fuel manufacturing workers are far below regulatory limits.

Community Health

The long history of the nuclear industry in Port Hope periodically raises questions about potential health impacts to residents. Over the past several decades, a number of studies have confirmed that the health of Port Hope residents is consistent with people in other Ontario communities.

In 2009, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) drafted a report amalgamating the results and conclusions of all Port Hope health studies conducted over the years. Based on these studies and the findings of research conducted in other countries, the CNSC concluded that "no adverse health effects have occurred or are likely to occur in Port Hope, as a result of the operations of the nuclear industry in the community."

For more information see the CNSC website.

Regulatory oversight

Cameco Fuel Manufacturing is regulated by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) in accordance with the federal Nuclear Safety and Control Act and regulations. In addition to receiving our regular operational performance and incident reports, CNSC staff conducts regular site inspections and audits to verify that people and the environment are protected.

Our facilities are also subject to additional federal and provincial laws and regulations for the protection of workers and the environment such as:

Safety performance

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