Cameco is proud to be an active and responsible member in the Ontario communities of Blind River, Port Hope and Cobourg. We're committed to making a difference and enhancing the quality of life where we live, work and play.

Our community investment program, which provides a mix of financial and volunteer support, focusses on four key areas:

  • youth
  • education and literacy
  • health and wellness
  • community development

Each year we support numerous initiatives throughout Ontario, frequently in partnership with community groups and local unions. If you are seeking sponsorship for a community event or organization, please apply online.

We provide a clear idea of what's happening at our facilities and to answer public questions through a range of activities including this website, our social media accounts, our community liaison forums, and through participation in and support of local events.

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In June 2021, Fast Consulting conducted the annual public opinion survey of Port Hope and found that 91% of residents support Cameco’s continued operations in Port Hope. 

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In this edition:

  • Cameco announces virtual run and golf package to raise money for Cameco Fund for Mental Health
  • and more...

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All money raised supports the Cameco Fund for Mental Health.

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