Blind River Refinery

  • The end product at Cameco's Blind River Refinery is uranium trioxide (UO3) powder which is transported to Cameco's Port Hope Conversion Facility. 
  • Cameco operates the ISO 14001 certified facility located in Ontario, Canada. 

Cameco's Blind River Refinery opened in 1983. Today, it's the world's largest commercial uranium refinery.

Uranium ore concentrates are shipped here from mines around the world, including those in Canada, Australia and the United States. The facility includes a processing plant, water treatment plant, power plant, and analytical labs.

In the processing plant, we refine uranium concentrates to produce a purified intermediate product called uranium trioxide (UO3) which is then shipped to our Port Hope Conversion Facility for further processing.

Public Information

As part of our commitment to providing timely and relevant information about our operations to interested stakeholders, Cameco has developed a formal public disclosure protocol for its Ontario operations. It outlines how we communicate to local and other stakeholders.

(As of December 31, 2023)


Refinery Safety

Worker and public safety are top priorities at all Cameco facilities

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In the Community

Situated on the north channel of Lake Huron, Bind River is a vibrant Ontario town

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