Cameco Supports Northumberland County’s New Youth Wellness Hub with $500,000 Gift

PORT HOPE, Ontario, Canada (May 3, 2024) – Cameco is pleased to announce a gift of $500,000 to support the launch of the Youth Wellness Hub of Ontario’s (YWHO) newest location in Port Hope.

This contribution reflects Cameco’s commitment to the well-being of the local community and its dedication to supporting initiatives that make a positive impact on mental health. The YWHO Port Hope/Northumberland will bring together mental health, substance use and primary care service providers from across Northumberland County, creating a collaborative and comprehensive approach to addressing the mental health needs of youth.

Cameco president and CEO Tim Gitzel was in Port Hope today to meet with local community leaders, visit the location of the new YWHO Port Hope/Northumberland and announce the gift.

“We are incredibly proud to provide this gift to the YWHO Port Hope/Northumberland. This investment represents our commitment to the well-being of our employees, our community, and our belief in the power of collaborative efforts to create positive change,” said Gitzel. “At Cameco we take pride in being a supportive community partner and we believe that investing in mental health initiatives not only benefits individuals and families, but also contributes to a healthier and more resilient community overall.”

“The government of Ontario is proud to bring this vital organization to our local community. We’ve witnessed the success of Youth Wellness Hubs in other Ontario communities and are confident it will make a positive impact locally,” said David Piccini, MPP Northumberland-Peterborough South. “We extend our gratitude to strong corporate partners like Cameco for their commitment to mental health and their valuable contribution to the success of this organization.”

“We are grateful to Cameco for their generous donation towards the YWHO Port Hope/Northumberland. Their support not only demonstrates their commitment to our community but also showcases their role as a compassionate and proactive community partner,” said Olena Hankivsky, mayor of Port Hope. “This gift will make a significant difference in the lives of many and will go a long way with supporting the necessary work to prepare the location and ensuring it is a safe and supportive space for our young people.”

“By prioritizing mental wellness through strategic partnerships and investments, we are fostering a community where individuals can thrive and mental health is given the attention and care it deserves,” said Nicole Wood, executive director, Rebound Child and Youth Services. “These collaborations with strong community partners like Cameco, not only amplify our collective impact but also ensure that crucial resources and support reach those who need it most.”

Cameco’s donation will assist with expenses associated with renovating the building to establish a safe and inviting space for individuals seeking mental health support. The funds will be utilized to upgrade facilities, implement safety measures, and create a welcoming environment conducive to healing and recovery. This investment will have a lasting impact, helping to ensure that those in need feel secure and cared for as they seek assistance for their mental well-being.

Cameco has been dedicated to investing in local mental health initiatives since 2019 through its Cameco Fund for Mental Health. The Fund is supported by its annual run taking place this year on May 11 and golf tournament on June 14. These events not only raise much needed funds, but also foster awareness and support for mental health. More information is available at

To learn more about ways you can support YWHO Port Hope/Northumberland, visit


About Cameco

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About Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario

Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario (YWHO) is a network of 22 local hubs that provide integrated services co-designed with youth for youth in communities across the province. Originally funded through philanthropy and by the Ontario government in 2017, YWHO was established to address gaps in the youth mental health system by providing integrated youth services for young people aged 12-25, addressing needs related to mental health, substance use, primary care, education, employment, housing, peer support, outreach, system navigation, and other community and social programming. Through a commitment to rapid and low-barrier access, early and evidence-based interventions, equitable and culturally effective services, and youth collaboration, YWHO is taking a critical step forward to improve Ontario’s youth mental health system. To learn more about Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario, visit or @YWHOntario on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About Rebound Child and Youth Services (lead agency)

Rebound Child & Youth Services Northumberland (Rebound) is a not-for-profit, incorporated, charitable organization, providing high-quality, community-based programs and services to children, youth, and families in Northumberland County since 1997.

We work with our many community partners and over 70 dedicated volunteers to ensure the ongoing provision of supportive and proactive programming to empower children, youth, and their families to work towards positive change. Children and youth are our priority.

Our services offer a private and confidential process which can assist children, youth, and their families with options and resources for programming.

Rebound believes that the most effective services are those that are provided in a responsive and respectful manner and in a partnership with families. As part of that commitment, Rebound invites families, caregivers and youth to work with us to identify and shape how we meet the needs of children, youth and their families.

Referrals are accepted from: Youth, Parents/Caregivers, Schools, Community Agencies, Probation, Police, Crown Attorney. Services and referrals are coordinated by connecting children, youth, and families with supportive community services.

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