Year-end Message from Cameco Vice-President, Dale Clark

December 11, 2020

Dale Clark, Vice President, Fuel Services DivisionThe past month has been a challenging month for all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and has created a lot of uncertainty and concern for many people. In this rapidly changing environment, we continue to be guided by our commitment to health and safety as our top priority, and our commitment to our communities.

What a year 2020 has been. I remember many of us beginning the year with such optimism and big plans – but everything changed in March when COVID-19 began to impact the lives of every Canadian. Life hasn’t been the same since, but we still have accomplishments to be proud of in 2020 and many people to thank.

First, I would like to thank all the frontline healthcare professionals and first responders. You’ve had to face this global pandemic head on, putting yourself at risk to help diagnose and treat those with this virus. We are grateful for your hard work and perseverance in these challenging times.

Thank you to all the essential workers, from those who are keeping food on the shelves to those who make sure that deliveries are being made. It’s because of you that we have what we need to carry on with our lives. Thank you.

And to our educators – this has been a challenging time for you and all the students. Thank you for working hard to ensure our children continue to receive their education, whether it’s in the classroom or online.

I would also like to say thank you to our own Cameco employees. Our employees have had to adapt to a great deal of new protocols and safety procedures. As essential workers, they have continued to work to ensure that Ontario has a reliable supply of the fuel needed to power our lives during these unprecedented times.

However, I know this has been a difficult time for our employees. On November 27, a COVID-19 outbreak was declared at our Cameco Fuel Manufacturing facility in Port Hope after three employees had tested positive. Our thoughts are with our employees, and we are providing support to ensure they have the resources they need, and most importantly – we hope that they recover well. We have been providing updates on our website at Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, we have adapted and kept working safely throughout the pandemic except for a brief shutdown at our UF6 plant and Blind River Refinery in April. Our Vision In Motion project experienced some delays because of the pandemic. Although it is moving at a reduced pace to ensure we can maintain our COVID protocols, the project is seeing steady progress again as we improve the look and efficiency of our site while addressing legacy waste.

In April, Cameco announced the $250,000 COVID-19 Community Relief Fund, issuing grants to 35 organizations in Northumberland County and Blind River. We know that these organizations were able to make a noticeable difference in our communities. Thank you to all the charities and organizations that have had to pivot and adapt to the increased needs throughout these difficult times.

We also held a modified version of our annual golf tournament to raise money for the Cameco Fund for Mental Health, which supports local mental health initiatives. We are grateful to all the participants and our generous sponsors. We will be granting $43,500 to organizations undertaking projects that promote or protect mental health in Northumberland County.

I’m hopeful that as we head into 2021 the strain of COVID-19 will eventually ease, and life will someday return to normal. But until it does, you can count on Cameco to make the nuclear fuel needed to ensure our homes and businesses have a reliable supply of clean-air energy.

As we go forward into 2021, we will continue to be guided by our commitment to safety and community. We will continue to work closely with our company medical team and follow their guidance and that of public health authorities. From all of us at Cameco, thank you for doing your part in the fight against COVID-19. We wish you the best during the holiday season and the New Year.

Dale Clark
Vice President
Fuel Services Division

This message also appears in the Fall, 2020 issue of Energize.