PHCF - Barrier Net/Air Bubble Curtain System Removal

The Port Hope conversion facility (PHCF) had installed a floating barrier net and air bubble curtain system in the outer Port Hope harbour in 2021 in the vicinity of the PHCF harbour water intake structure and adjacent Canadian Nuclear Laboratories wave attenuator installation. The installation was completed to mitigate harbour water intake operation impacts associated with algae, sediment and debris fouling.

As the PHCF fully transitioned to production facility closed loop cooling systems in 2023, the harbour water supply for the former once-through cooling system is no longer in use. The barrier system installation is therefore targeted for removal prior to the designated in-water works window closing September 14.

The work approach includes the mobilization of a tugboat, barge and a diver crew to remove the system components, and the in-water works are anticipated to be completed over approximately 4 days.

There will be no impact to the public. The work will not interfere with navigation within the Port Hope harbour as navigation into the harbour is prevented due to the adjacent CNL wave attenuator installation.

A submission has been added to the on-line Common Project Search Registry ( pursuant to the Canadian Navigable Waters Act. Reference is made to registry number 8530.

For more information please contact:

Sara Forsey
Manager, Public & Government Affairs