Stepping Up for Mental Health

You stepped up for mental health!

The Cameco Fund for Mental Health has awarded grants totaling $68,000 to nine projects benefitting Northumberland County. 

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2019 Cameco Fund for Mental Health Recipients

The Cameco Fund for Mental Health was established with proceeds from the 8th Annual Cameco Charity Golf Tournament and the inaugural Step Up for Mental Health 5K event held in Port Hope on Sept. 28, 2019. The total raised includes 100 per cent of the walk/run registration fees and a matching amount from Cameco, plus individual and corporate donations. All together, $68,000 will be making a difference in Northumberland County through these projects:

Using virtual reality as a tool in the treatment of mental illness

Organization Campbellford & District Community Mental Health
Description Campbellford & District Community Mental Health is working to combine evidence based psychotherapy with innovative virtual reality technology to enhance and revolutionize the treatment of individuals residing in Northumberland County and surrounding area who live with serious and persistent mental illness.
Amount funded $10,000

Campbellford & District Community Mental Health

Staff mental wellness training

Organization Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre
Description When dealing with vulnerable populations, it is imperative to have strength in staff. Cornerstone is working to create an engaged, positive and resilient work environment through the development of a workplace well-being and engagement plan.
Amount funded $5,430.33

Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre

Healthy families initiative

Organization Northumberland Community Counselling Centre
Description Northumberland Community Counselling Centre is working on a Healthy Families Initiative for residents of Northumberland County. The program will aim to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression using psycho-educational, therapeutic, and holistic approaches.
Amount funded $10,000

Northumberland Community Counselling Centre

Peer support team program

Organization Northumberland Paramedics
Description Northumberland Paramedics is developing a peer support team program. This team will be trained to assist and support the front line paramedics that are exposed to the mental, and emotional, stresses of the job on a daily basis.
Amount funded $5,000

Northumberland Paramedics

Mental health first aid course for agriculture

Organization Northumberland Federation of Agriculture
Description The Northumberland Federation of Agriculture is planning to hold a two-day Mental Health First Aid Course run by a certified trainer with Canadian Mental Health Association, for farmers and agricultural service providers in Northumberland County.
Amount funded $4,500

Northumberland Federation of Agriculture

Resilience through creative expression

Organization Green Wood Coalition
Description Resilience Through Creative Expression will seek to engage with individuals who have accessed formal mental health supports in the past but who may not be successfully participating with those supports, currently. The focus of this program is on building individual resilience and social inclusion, resulting in less dependence on formal mental health supports and crisis response.
Amount funded $8,170

Green Wood Coalition

Port Hope High School wellness room initiative

Organization Port Hope High School
Description The establishment of a Wellness Room at Port Hope High School will provide students with a quiet location to renew, reflect, chat with a caring adult or engage in relaxing activities that will provide both physical and mental relief.
Amount funded $5,000

Port Hope High School

Accessing a mental health diagnosis

Organization Transition House Coalition of Northumberland
Description Transition House Coalition of Northumberland will assist clients in accessing a psychological assessment that will identify their specific disabilities. This will enable the individuals to access appropriate treatments and medications which will assist them in making sound decisions regarding their housing solutions and preferences. Addressing their mental health concerns will allow them to participate more effectively in all aspects of life in their communities.
Amount funded $8,000

Transition House

Developing emotional self-regulation programming for children & youth

Organization Rebound Child & Youth Services
Description Rebound would like to develop, facilitate and support the implementation of emotional self-regulation programming skills for children and youth, using evidence informed techniques for group and individual counselling to strengthen mental health outcomes for children.
Amount funded $10,000

Rebound Child & Youth Services


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