In the Community

The Municipality of Port Hope is endowed with a vibrant history and beautiful scenery. The community is nationally acclaimed for its heritage downtown, was winner of TV Ontario's competition for the "Best Preserved Main Street in Ontario" and recently, was cited among Canada’s Top 50 small towns to visit for an overnight vacation.

The town of over 16,500 people embrace the preservation of their vibrant past with over 270 heritage-designated buildings throughout the municipality.

As long-time members of this historic community, Cameco and our employees are energetic partners and actively contribute to a wide variety of community activities.

Some of the ways we make a difference in our community:

  • In June 2021, Fast Consulting conducted the annual public opinion survey of Port Hope and found that 91% of residents support Cameco’s continued operations in Port Hope. 

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  • In this edition:

    • Cameco announces virtual run and golf package to raise money for Cameco Fund for Mental Health
    • The nuclear fuel cycle
    • Vision in Motion update
    • Unionized workers at Cameco Fuel Manufacturing accept contract offer

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